Demographics of NPC levels

Once upon a time when D&D was young and called ‘Advanced Dungeons and Dragons,’ I got my hands on this supplement, the ‘World Builder’s Guidebook’. It has many tables and describes many options an inspiring DM can use to create a world of their own. Tables for resources, kingdom sizes, tables to help generate populations…… Continue reading Demographics of NPC levels

Training for Skills and Feats

The fighter whirls two blades in a fan of defence struggling to counter the precise cuts from the old master’s single blade. The sorcerer twisting magical fire into white blue intensity as the old sage yells in her ear. The ranger whispers the mantra of breathing and releases the arrow that splits his teacher’s perfect…… Continue reading Training for Skills and Feats

NPC Level by Age.

Player characters usually rocket up levels in a short amount of time but for the NPC’s just going about their lives how fast do they level up? If they are gaining experience from day to day troubles what level would they reach? Most are going to stay at 1st level throughout their lives but for…… Continue reading NPC Level by Age.