Monster Knowledge

Adjudicating how much knowledge a character might know about a creature can be somewhat guesswork. Here are some guidelines for what information a character might know about the local monsters and beasts. This is meant to represent a player rolling for the characters general knowledge. Time spent researching could gain information specific answers that would…… Continue reading Monster Knowledge

Demographics of NPC levels

Once upon a time when D&D was young and called ‘Advanced Dungeons and Dragons,’ I got my hands on this supplement, the ‘World Builder’s Guidebook’. It has many tables and describes many options an inspiring DM can use to create a world of their own. Tables for resources, kingdom sizes, tables to help generate populations…… Continue reading Demographics of NPC levels

Making Magical Items

Crafting magical items in the Dungeon Masters Guide (DMG) is listed as an optional rule that you can allow players to do. Here I will summarize the two rulesets for making magical items. You just need to meet the requirements then the item is successfully created. Magical items are not only categorized by form but…… Continue reading Making Magical Items