Monster Knowledge

Adjudicating how much knowledge a character might know about a creature can be somewhat guesswork. Here are some guidelines for what information a character might know about the local monsters and beasts. This is meant to represent a player rolling for the characters general knowledge. Time spent researching could gain information specific answers that would…… Continue reading Monster Knowledge

Players Vs Objects

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition has a fairly small section on how to rule dealing damage to objects. This is the amount of damage an object can take before it’s broken and not necessarily how much damage to destroy the substance. All objects are immune to poison and psychic damage and otherwise, just have hit…… Continue reading Players Vs Objects

Sacrifice and Saving

D&D is a game of action heroics. Often a power fantasy of casting spells and cutting down monsters and taking their stuff. While it’s made to be adventure fantasy, not all fantasy is about total power over your enemies – some of the best fantasy is when characters put themselves at risk by throwing themselves…… Continue reading Sacrifice and Saving